Refinished Shelf

One day, while Orange and I were looking through various items at the DI, he happened upon this solid wood beauty.
I took one look at it and went... ehhhh. I really didn't see much potential in it. He insisted that I could refinish it like I'm doing to our bed side table. I decided, for five bucks, why not!

We brought it home, to our small apartment (when it was), and all it did was fill up space in the junk room on the floor. Unnoticed, and sadly unfinished.
The poor thing was begging for attention. Once we moved, and I finally got a good look at it, I knew it could be magical.
 It was fun seeing the transformation that took place, even when I just started priming it.
When I put the red on, I was a little worried. It was little bit brighter than I had expected, but with a little help from some black glaze that I mixed up, it took on a form of beauty, and my heart sang.
After a little sanding, it was a piece I could be proud of.

There it is hung on the wall with care. (Oh no a Christmas reference...)
I have started to put my fall decor up. I hope I can find a nice sign to go with these precious little pumpkins.

I love it.  I am now on a refinishing craze. Expect to see more soon.

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Anonymous said...

THat looks awesome! I love refurbished furniture! good work.