Brigham City Peaches

On thursday Orange and I went up to Brigham City for the temple open house.
Brigham is like a second home for me. I have a lot of family up there, and would visit nearly every summer, and any other time that I could. I love it there.
When they announced the temple being built there I was so ecstatic. Every time I drove up I would drive past the spot where the temple was to be and watch its progress.
I never really knew how much I would absolutely love that temple.
It was gorgeous inside and out, and had so much of Brigham in it. It's definitely one of my new favorite temples.
Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of us at the temple, or of the temple itself, which if you know me that's crazy. But I knew my grandma was leaving for work and I really wanted to go see her rather than take photos of myself. Just gives me an excuse to go back up and do a session.
After my grandma left for work, we had a really awesome talk with my grandpa, which I have never really done with him. It was so nice being able to listen to all the stories he had to tell, especially of being a boy with a dad who owned miles of peach orchards. I told my grandpa how much his dad would have loved the new temple, with all the paintings of people in the orchards.
While we were talking my grandpa got a call from his brother, who has an orchard himself, and asked if we wanted to go pick some peaches to take home.
I knew my mom wanted to can peaches, and I really can't turn down a good Brigham City peach, so we went.
It was so much fun picking those peaches with my family, especially since it was something that had to do so much with our family history.
Needless to say, it was a great day in Brigham City, and I will be returning very soon to get some photographs of that temple, to add to my temple photo collection.


steph said...

those peaches look amazing. send some my way?
& i have a temple collection, too!

Jake and Jenessa said...

Those peaches look HEAVENLY! Perfect for the occasion!

Rachey Elder said...

Oh man, I want a peach! That sounds lie a fun time, I can't wait to see the Tempe photos!

his little lady said...

These photographs are absolutely stunning. It's making me crave some peaches. And temple open houses are so much fun! Adore your blog, girly!
xo TJ