My birthday

July 24th, exactly a week after my husband's, was my birthday. We're kinda hoping to  not have our children in July...
Anyway, my birthday was real fun.
He woke up around 8 am and made his own little breakfast food. It was really good, I'd never had anything like it.
This was him being real cute and trying to take a photo of the food like I do for me to remember. Aww.

Excuse the mess of wires over there. We had just moved in and everything was a mess. Oh, and also excuse how heinous I look in these morning photos.

After breakfast I got ready and Oran gave me my presents. 
I got a bike helmet and other bike essentials because... well he got me a bike! Okay not quite he actually wanted me to pick it out. So right after we opened these we went searching for the perfect bike.

We gave up bike shopping for a little while so we could go and have lunch with my family at Tucano's. My favorite place for a birthday meal. When we were done with that I opened my presents from my parents. 
All of the gifts were great, I really loved them.

I really love this photo of my hubs. 
 My awesome parents.

After that we headed out to watch fireworks for one of the first times on my birthday. I don't know why I never really watch the fireworks on my birthday, but I don't. When I was little I thought they were all for me. Still kinda like to pretend that they are.
We had a lot of fun with friends that night, and with each other. 

 The next day we took trax up to Salt Lake to look at bikes for me. 
It was a hard decision because I really wanted a cruiser, but I decided in the long run a mountain bike would be better, and so we bought this beauty.

 Normally I hate my birthday, a lot, but...
 this year, my birthday definitely did not suck.

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Rachey Elder said...

Happy Birthday! You look beautiful Ash! Love the wide legged pants.