Meet Betsey

Sadly, my lack of blogging has left me to leave out a very important detail to my life lately.
And so, I would like to introduce you all to my little girl:
Meet Betsey,
Yeah, She will smile for the camera.

I kind of love her, a lot.
So here is the story, 
One day Oran and I were running some errands and he turned to me and said, I have a surprise for you. I asked what it was and he told me he was planning on getting me a dog. Immediately my face lit up. I've been wanting a pup for forever, but we couldn't have one in our old apartment. We started looking at dogs online. It took us a while, but when we saw this girl, we knew she was the one. 
She had one blue eye and one brown, and was a bundle full of cuteness. 
We immediately called on her, hoping she wouldn't be sold.
Luckily she wasn't and we made our way all the way up to Ogden to get her.
Ever since then she has been the best little friend I could have. 
Honestly, it feels so good to be able to take care of something that needs my help. That's exactly what I've been craving, and she has been one of the best decisions we have made. She is such a sweet good dog, and we really love her. 
Here are some details on her:
Her coloring is a Cavalier King Charles, 
she is super long like a Daschund, so that could mix into what she is as well,
we also think that she may be pekingese.
She snorts like a pig when she goes for walks on a leash, and it's hilarious.
She loves to sniff everything like a bunny.
She would eat paper all day if she could (unfortunately),
She loves to play especially with other dogs,
She is such a cuddle bug. She loves to cuddle all the time.  
We call her Betsey Boo, 
Oh, and nothing is wrong with her eye, she can see out of it just fine.

Yes, we've become one of those people, but we love our dog. 
You'll probably hear about her a lot more on here. 

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Rachey Elder said...

Sweet puppy love! She is adorable. I am in love with her eyes:) She's a dog with personality a plenty. Love her!