Oran's Birthday

Poor poor blog. I believe you need some updating don't you? I really need to back track then. How about we start with Oran's birthday? Because that is the memory card I have in right now.
Oran's birthday was on July 17th. Exactly a week before mine. I decided to go crazy for his birthday and do a whole bunch of stuff for him. Mostly creative homemade things. So the night before we he went to bed I ran to walmart, and picked up a whole bunch of supplies. It was a little weird being the only one in Walmart at 12 am aside from the workers... but I made do.
I stayed up until four in the morning blowing up balloons, hanging streamers, and banners, finishing up the rest of his gifts, and making tags on photoshop. Yeah it was a lot of work, but I felt it worth it.

I got about two hours of sleep, and then woke up and started to make Oran breakfast at 7 am. He was planning on going to Barnes & Noble at nine so that he could get his favorite authors new book. So I had to be up before him.
I made him a muffin in a pie tin. Which isn't exactly something that's new around our household. When we were first married, we didn't have any muffin tins. I really wanted to make muffins, so I just grabbed a pie tin, and made it and cut it just like a pie. Well, it happens to be Oran's favorite way for muffins to be made now, so that's what I decided to make him for breakfast. It was really good. 

Then as soon as we were done with breakfast we ran off to Barnes & Noble. 
I had bought Oran a new CD for his birthday so I made sure it was in the car for us to listen to on our way there.

After that we went home, and I took a nap. I could barely keep my eyes open, and Oran wanted to start reading anyway. 
After I woke up we went to Wingers for lunch with my family. Where we gave him all his presents. 
(Season Membership to The Children's Theater, where he does most of his plays)

(Movie gift: Popcorn bucket, popcorn, and the movie Walk the Line)

(Showering you with love: Shampoo & conditioner, Body was, scrubber, and cologne)

(Reasons Why I love you candy jar. Reasons are written on the candies, and this is for his desk at work)

(Mini air hockey table)

(All things fishing)

After Wingers we drove up to Oran's dads house who had invited us to go to a free concert at the Red Butte Gardens. First we opened presents. We got both our presents at the same time, and they had gotten us Camel Backs! I don't know why I'm so excited about them... but I am. 

(The camel backs)

Then we went off to the free concert. 
Have you ever been to Red Butte Gardens? It is so beautiful there. I was in love. We had such a good time listening to the music being played (which was really good) and touring the garden together. 

Honestly, I just have to put that this is one of my favorite nights I've ever had with my husband. I just felt so happy and so in love, and the outing couldn't have been better. It was an absolutely perfect night. 

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Rachey Elder said...

What an awesome Birthday for Oran! Ash, you are seriously the sweetest wife:) He's a lucky man for sure!