I've made a great decision.
Would you like to know what that is?
No? Don't care I'm still going to tell you.
My blog is never ever going to turn in to something to "appease" to those who read it.
I'm sorry. I do love whoever still reads this here blog, but really it is my blog, and I'm going to be real.
I haven't journaled since December of last year... Really sad but true. This is my place for my feelings, a place for me to express my heart, my desires.
If you are looking for meaningless posts about nails clothes or hair styles, you are in the wrong place.
BUT that doesn't mean that stuff will never be post.
If I feel it is relevant to MY life, then you can find it here.
Or if I feel as though it might inspire or up lift others, you can find that here also.
So I'm going to go on and post a bunch of my vacation photos.
I'm going to make short films of my life because I enjoy it.
I'm going to express my heart, when I need to vent.
I'm going to write silly things on occasion because that's who I am. 
This blog will forever more be,
a reflection of me.

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