My pretty little wicker beauty

I've been working on my office lately, and created a lovely little reading nook in the corner. Problem was something was missing. I had been wanting a nice chair to share the space, but every chair I found was $$$. Too much for me. So yesterday I decided to try my luck with KSL.
AS I was browsing I happened upon this little beauty. 

My heart fluttered, I got butterfly's, and I fell in love with this vintage wicker beauty.
I knew immediately it was the one. Love at first sight if you will.
I got approval from the Orange man, and I contacted the seller.
For $30 bucks, this was definitely one of my happiest steals ever. 

Look at how perfect it looks. I cannot wait to show you the rest of the office, but alas it is not finished yet.

 Oh, and ignore the wires falling down from the top of the bookshelf, as I said... it's not finished. 

Now keep your eye out for more steals, buying things full price is just silly business.

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