I'm not afraid

I've realized there are some people very close to me in my life, who have never truly believed in me. Never pushed me to reach for my dreams, or helped me accomplish those dreams. There are people in my life, who really only let me down.
I don't know why I have always kept those people in my life. Maybe I believe that at some point they may be real friends, and treat me with respect, but that isn't the case.
I think I've waited long enough.
I'm really just ready to show the world what I'm made of.
And to all those unbelievers and pretenders....

Bring it on; I'm not afraid. 
It's hard enough feeling like no one believes in you, but what's worse is when you don't believe in yourself. Sometimes you have to push past the doubt and the voices telling you that you can't, whether they are out loud or internal. Then start filling your heart, head, and soul with the voice that chants one phrase... I can.
Yes... Ashlee de Baritault you can.

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