Okay, so this is almost a year old, but I only just barely got these pictures off of my dads phone.
They day I got endowed was such a beautiful day, and I won't ever forget it. I hope all of you aim to go to the temple one day, because it is a wonderful place, and you really can't even imagine it until you are inside, and feeling the spirit so strongly. I don't think I had ever loved my husband more than I did when I saw him dressed in white, smiling at me in the temple. I have loved him more and more every day since then, but that is a moment I'll never forget, seeing him for the first time in the temple. Every time we've gone to the temple since then has been a special experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Jenessa said...

I won't ever forget the day I was endowed. It was amazing! I hate when people come back and say "it was weird" or "it was ok" I just loved it. But we should do a session

Beka said...

not gonna lie, this one of the things i look forward to the most and i am secretly jealous of you people who have gone through the temple already. i can't wait!