For lack of a better title this one will be called Easter

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day. I woke up at 7 am to make breakfast for me and Orange. The plan was to go to our sacrament meeting at 9, but leave so we could go to a farewell later on. Well, after I had finished breakfast we decided we'd just do the farewell sacrament meeting. Total bust getting up so early, but oh well. I actually think 7 am is one of the prettiest times of day, but I'm much to lazy and sleepy to get up and appreciate it most of the time.

After breakfast I decided since we were already up that we might as well do the whole Easter basket thing. We're cool like that ya know?

Oran thought he'd be real funny with my Easter basket this year... what a goof. 

Inside joke with that one.

Oran with his awesome Easter basket... if I do say so myself.

Then we decided to watch Night at The Roxburry, in bed, where we in turn, fell asleep until 11. 

We then attended the farewell at one, in a hot little Easter get up. We were so matchy match that it was awesome. I didn't think I was going to get an Easter dress this year, which is one of my favorite traditions, but my dear sweet mom and sis, went out and got me one. I love them.
Obviously we had to take our annual Easter pics:

Boy band pose.

The best guys I have in my life.

The whole fam damily.

Cutest parents ever.

My beautiful mom

My beautiful sis.

Not sure where I came from after seeing those two!

Oh haha wasn't that such a funny thing just there? (Said in British accents)

Traditional GQ photo

My sis and I are kinda goofy. It's all good.

That's normal right...?

Then of course we just had to dye Easter eggs. We did however have a hard time getting everyone to do it with us...

Then we went to my Grammy's house and had some real yummy food. Afterward we had an Easter lesson, and for some odd reason I felt compelled to sing one of my favorite songs about the Savior. What a bust. I was bawling the whole time, shaking, and sounded awful. Oh well... it was worth a try.
Anyway, I'd say Easter was pretty great this year, and I enjoyed every second of it.

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