Newly Wed Rule of Thumb 6 | Random Acts of Kindness

Last NWROT (I didn't want to type that out again) I talked about having a love journal. Having a love journal is absolutely great, but don't let it be the only sweet thing you do for your spouse.
I think the most common misconception especially here in the USA, we feel that since we are women we are princesses and that the men should do everything for us. Obviously it's nice to be waited on by your man, but he definitely deserves some lovin' sometimes too. I feel just about as great when I do random acts of kindness for my husband, as I do when he does things for me. That's how, I believe, you build a strong and healthy marriage. If you are both doing things for each other, I believe your love will continually increase.
Here are some things I did for my hubs the other day.

See how simple? I just placed those little notes in places I knew he would be going around the house before work. He let me know how much he appreciated it, and how much he loved me. Now how could that make anyone feel bad.
Trust me when I say random acts of kindness are a must. 

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Rachey Elder said...

What a cute and sweet wifey you are. I love it! Oran is so lucky:)