It's sad to think that when you're young you don't really realize how important and awesome your family is. It's all about friends, boyfriends, and hanging out. Then as you get older you realize, those people you thought were your friends, really weren't such great "friends" after all. You realize that your family, are the ones that were always there for you. That they are the best friends that you could possibly have, and they are the best secret keepers. There is a bond with family you can't really get from anything else.
There are very few friends that I know I can always count on. In fact there is really only one I can think of at the moment. I think it is so important to keep those, who really do care about and love you, in your life.
The rest of the people? They're just not all that worth it.
So here's to that heavily bearded man I call my husband,
that mom who is always there for me, and supportive of whatever i do,
to that dad who calls in to check on me, and make sure I'm ok,
to that mother in law who takes the time to listen to me vent,
to my siblings who always make me smile,
to all my grandparents, who brighten my day,
to the best friend who will always be there for me, and the only friend I'll tell my secrets to,
to that cousin who has become a great supporter and an even greater friend
& gee to anyone else who has made a difference in my life.

I'm so glad to have my family, and few others I'm close with in my life. You all don't know how much I love you, and am thankful to even know you.


Melia Clegg said...

this post is so relevant to my life. i'd choose hanging out with my family over my friends any day. i can't say its always been that way, but things have definitely changed and im glad they did.

Beka said...

family is the best! relish this time with them because before you know it they will be far away from you doing their own thing (like my family) and you will not see them as often.

Jenessa said...

mmm, I love you

Mel said...

Same here! I wish I would have appreciated and respected my parents more in high school and would have spent more time with my siblings. Its crazy now how much I miss them and want to spend every second I have with them.