Papa Hairy Face

I've been avoiding my blog lately.
Things got really tough for a while, but I think I'm finally coming around.
My grandpa passed away a month ago.
It was very unexpected.
He was only 61 years old, and none of us had a clue that he was as sick as he was.
When I got the phone call that he was in the hospital I was at my play. I was devastated. They told me he had severe lung disease and pneumonia.
It brought back a lot of memories of my other grandpa who passed, from lung problems.
At that point in time I didn't know for sure that he was going to pass.
The next day we went to the hospital and talked to him a bit, and the nurses made us feel hopeful. They told us his levels had gone up significantly from where they were, and that he was looking better. We were waiting on a biopsy that Monday so they could figure out what they could do.
Monday came, and my dad called me. He told me the news. He told me my grandpa was going to pass. I was devastated.
The next day I drove up with my family and spent the whole day by his side in the hospital. I was able to talk to him, tell him what was going on in my life, and the last thing I told him was how much I love him.
The doctor and the nurses were awful at the hospital, and I won't go into detail, but it was kind of an awful experience when he passed because of them. We all we're incredibly up set.
For the next little bit life was kind of a blur. I was so upset by what happened, and I missed him terribly.
My family was a mess, and we were all trying to hold each other together.
I spent a few days with the family up in Brigham, and was able to help with all the funeral arrangements.
It was fun to look through all the old photos of my grandpa with all of us. We had a good laugh at great
memories, and I think it helped us all cope a little bit more.
The funeral was great. I ended up singing you light up my life with cousins. That was my mom and his song. I was glad I was able to sing it for her, and him. All my siblings, and my mom spoke, as well as my aunt, my grandpa's brother John, and one of his friends. They all did a fabulous job at depicting my grandpa, and the  man he was.
My grandpa was one of those people who loved you unconditionally. He would do anything for anyone, and when it came to family, he would drop whatever he was doing at the drop of a hat to help. He always wrote the best birthday cards, and put heart felt words in to them. He taught us all how to "rock out." If not for my grandpa, I don't know my mom would've ever got into rock n' roll, and then where would I be? I don't even want to imagine the possibilities. His favorite band was the Rolling Stones, and he also loved Fleetwood Mac. They are both two bands that our family cherishes, thanks to him.
My grandpa was famous for his catch phrase, "How do ya like me now!", and was the best at impersonating the wicked witch of the west. "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"
He had the craziest facial hair ever, and always has. My little sister started calling him papa harry face when she was a little girl, and it stuck ever since. We would always grab our hair and put it over our mouth, and mimic him.
He loved to tell the story of the time he and I went on a little date when I was around one or two. We went to go see some elk, and then got hot dogs after ward. The story goes that apparently, I grabbed my hot dog and shoved the whole thing in my mouth, and my grandpa thought that it was the funniest thing in the world. He would tell that story almost every time that I saw him, and laugh hysterically every time he told it.
I'm so thankful that in September I was able to go and spend some quality time with him. It was just Oran, my grandpa, and I, which is something that didn't normally happen. We weren't ever really by ourselves. He told us so many stories about his child hood, and growing up in the peach orchards, and afterward we went and picked some peaches ourselves, which my mom canned. (You can read what I wrote about it here.) That was one of my favorite memories with my grandpa, and I'm glad it was one that happened just recently, that I will cherish forever.
Just before my grandpa passed away, he was able to overcome some personal demons that followed him nearly his whole life. I can't begin to express the joy I feel that he was able to beat that, and pass to the other side knowing that he finally did it. I'm so proud of him.
I miss him like crazy, and it has been very difficult with him gone, but I know that he is looking out for me, and all my family. Knowing him he is definitely helping us fight our personal battles here on earth that we are struggling with.
I love you grandpa, I am so excited that I will be able to see you again some day.
We will always remember "The man in the glass." (Grandpa's favorite poem)

Here are some photos I took of the funeral.

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