Easter Sunday

Easter was pretty good this year. It was a beautiful day, and this year, I picked out my Easter basket. (Orange is good at a lot of things, Easter baskets not being one of them.)
I was pretty proud of the basket set up, and presentation this year. I even got Betsey a basket, and put dog treats in her Easter eggs.

After we did Easter baskets we headed to church, in our Easter get up. We of course had to get a picture afterward, in our attire.
We then proceeded to watch Red Dawn (the old one), while I curled Oran's hair, since he was cutting it the next day. Don't ask me...
(All of that ish is gone! Thank goooooodness)

Afterward we went over to Orange's grandma's for some grub, then off to my families to dye eggs, and eat dinner.

It was a pretty peaceful day spent with family, and that's always the best. I love my family.

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Rachey Elder said...

How cute are you guys!? What beautiful pics of Easter. The baskets are adorable as well as those cupcakes.

P.S. I might steal Betsey