Meet Hanky

People have been calling me crazy lately, and maybe I am a little, but that's ok.
I talked my husband into letting us get another dog. Our little Betsey has been having some anxiety if she gets left at home for too long (which isn't often... don't judge me guys). So to help with that we got her another canine friend, or brother, to keep her company.
He's such a sweetheart of a dog, and is very similar breed to Betsey's, which we didn't really intend to do, but I guess we're just drawn to that type of dog.
This dog seriously loves to cuddle, and I think is a little infatuated with me. For whatever reason.
If I leave the room he cries like a baby, and if he is in the car with us, and I get out, he scratches for me on the other side of the glass until I get back. It's kinda cute.
He knows how to dance, sit, and shake. His little dance is soooo cute. I'll have to get a video of that soon.
So I guess we have another "kid" in the home now. It is kinda overwhelming at times, but I love it. Dogs are seriously so great.

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