Valentines Decor

This is way late, and really trivial, but I was so happy that I finally got to decorate for a holiday that I had to post... Christmas had its issues.
I got those little jars at Dollar Tree. I thought they were so cute.

My sweet cousin made that printable for me. My printer is running really low on ink, but I didn't want that printable to go to waste because I love it so much. So what didn't come out in the printer I went over with pen. I'm sooo.... ghetto. But that's okay because you can't tell unless you look really close. Oran wants me to leave it up all year long! 
I got most of my decor for a really good deal, or they were gifts. Valentines day is so fun to decorate for and I want to add more to my collection for next year. 

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Jake and Jenessa said...

Love the printable that's hilarious!! Glad Oran loves it too!!