Valentines day was pretty great.
I heard a ring from the doorbell.  I'm usually hesitant to answer my door, but I decided to. When I opened the door I found a giant stuffed frog. I smiled and then I heard a high pitched voice " Kiss me then close your eyes." I laughed and did as I was told, and out popped my husband. He is a major dork.
I finished getting ready for the day, complete with my hot pink pants. We planned on going down south to Carrabba's, but when we called them the wait was 80 min, and they would not let us make reservations or put our name on a list.
I was starving so we just decided to keep it close to home, and go somewhere that wouldn't be crowded.
We ended up at Noodles and Company. They have delicious gluten free food, and there was no wait. We were really happy to keep it simple, and decided to make it a tradition to go to places every year that aren't super populated on  Valentines.

Creeptastic photo of me. Awesome. 

Oran puts barbeque on everything, gross. 

After that we went to the theater to watch Warm Bodies. Kinda a cheese fest but we really enjoyed it. It was a really good time. 
We had an awesome valentines day, and Oran was so sweet and got me this beautiful necklace. 

It's a tradition every year (since we were dating) for me to make a Valentines video of our year. Usually I would put a whole bunch of our photos to music and that's how the video would go. Last year, I made one that lasted for an hour. Let's just say it didn't go over well. It lost the spark.
So this year I did something different. I decided to put all of our videos we have ever made and cut them down into bitty pieces. This was the funnest video I have ever made, and honestly kinda just made me fall in love all over again. Going through those hilarious videos of all the good times we've had together was such a wonderful trip. 
If you have watched any of my videos before then you will probably recognize some of the clips in it. 

I love my husband. We've been through a lot... and I mean a lot. I honestly think we're coming out of it stronger than we ever have. We have a renewed out look on life, and on us, and it is so refreshing. 
I'm ready to enjoy many more valentines days with him, for forever.

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Rachey Elder said...

You two are just too cute! I loved your video, so fun! Happy v day to you!