You know how my blog is pretty much super lame?
Yeah it will probably stay that way.
Sorry folks.
I've developed a nasty habit of saying, yo, after most of my sentences.
When somebody asked me about it I said,
"I didn't even realize i did it that much, yo. "
I think I'm an introvert.
That's probably why batman and I are bff's,
cause I'm just not your friendly neighborhood spiderman.
For a sec there I kinda cared about getting ready,
but lately people think I'm homeless.
Today  I went for a walk with my dog wearing sweat pants, a sweat shirt, and ugg boots. 
Not to mention I carried around a little bag dispenser for her poop.
Def, homeless status.
this post is probably the most lame of all my posts ever.
But that's okay.
For me anyway, I don't know about you.
Peace out, yo.

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