The 4th

Since I'm terrible at blogging lately (sorry, a lot has been going on) here is a little ode to the fourth of July, or rather, what went down that day.
On Tuesday night my little brother slept over at my house, and in the morning we got up, and Orange said, "Hey, I wanna go fishin'," We (the brother and I) were in total agreement, and we set out to grab some gear at my parents house.
When we got there, they said they wanted to go as well. Practically the whole family. So we piled up in the van, and headed out to Jordan river.
Okay, so it's been quite a long time since I have done any sort of fishing. I used to go a lot when I was younger, but it's literally been years. So, yeah, I had some struggles.
After getting my cast stuck in a tree twice, and tangling it up more times than I can count, the first time I threw a cast, I caught a fish as soon as I cast it in.
Yeah, I was pretty dang proud of myself.

"one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish."
After we caught a few more fish we headed on down to my grandma's for some grub off the grill. It was pretty great.
Then of course the Pleasant Grove fireworks. Which is where I usually am on the fourth unless I'm at the stadium of fire. They put on a pretty good show. It was so fun to see family there too.

Oran put his hat on Kaylee's head. We were laughing pretty dang hard. 

Blurry pic of us at the fire works. Not the greatest but I'll take it.
All in all it was a great fourth of July. 

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Rachey Elder said...

Looks so fun! I love that baby in the Old Fart hat. So funny!