Something of an update.

It's been a little bit since I've written anything about what's going on with me.
So, hello friends! Here I am! I'm still kind of alive. A lot of stuff has been going down though.
For one, I have to gloat about my father in law a little bit. I didn't write about him on father's day, but I really needed to.
We went up to his home in SLC on Sunday, to wish him a happy fathers day, and what does he do? He gives me one of his older mac computers. It was such a blessing because our laptops were having some major issues, and I was super stressed about getting all the photos I need to edit done.
He's a pretty awesome guy, and can you believe he gave me a present on father's day? Yeah neither can I.

I photographed a wedding yesterday, and they gave me these beauty's to brighten up my desk, and my new lovely computer. The wedding was beautiful, fun, and I got to talk to a lot of great people.

Oh and I have been doing many photoshoots, and lots of editing, as I mentioned before. I can't wait to share them all, but I'll be really busy.
I quit my job, because, wait for it....
We're moving!
Ahh. And that's all thanks to my mother in law too! Geeze I have awesome In-Laws.  More about all of that to come soon, but for now these small details will have to suffice.

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andy brienne said...

your dad is awesome. flowers to his daughter on father's day?? that is classy.