Ode to my Father

I know it's stated quite a bit from many that "I have the greatest dad in the world," but in my case it is undoubtedly true.
My dad is such an incredible person, and I'm not sure if he really understands how greatly I think of him.
My dad is someone who always has honored his priesthood. He has blessed not only those in our immediate family, but others in my family who are not members of the church and cannot hold the priesthood.
My dad (who learned from his father) loves sarcasm, and uses it frequently. He is probably rolling his eyes at that but it is true. Why, even yesterday he was laying the sarcasm on pretty thick, but that's one of the things I love about my dad. He is so lighthearted, and a joy to be around. A lot of the time my dad will make jokes that no one gets and he will be laughing to himself, and I love it. It cracks me up to no end. In fact, I don't think many people can make me laugh more than my dad. Between his barney impressions, and giving me the "Don't laugh Ashlee," look when I'm mad, he always makes me laugh.
My dad and I are very similar, especially with our sense of humor. I know that I got that from him. We love to quote movies, and could probably spend all day long quoting "Oh Brother Where Art Though" "Princess Bride" and "Young Frankenstein."My dad has a song for practically any sentence you say. For example if you were to say something about limelight for some reason, my father would start to sing "living in the limelight the universal dream...(song by rush)" Really though, he does it so often, and I've started to inherit that trait of his.

My dad is the one who got me into playing guitar. He is so talented with the guitar and just made me fall in love with it, even since I was young. I remember one Christmas we had a jam session together, and I just felt so cool being able to play the guitar with my dad.

My dad is the only one in the world who can successfully tickle me. No one, not even my husband, can tickle me and make me laugh, but my dad can. I don't know why but it is true.
My dad is so patient, especially with me and his other children. He loves us, and is willing to help us no matter what the circumstance. Even if we are in the wrong, he will calmly help us to see the light, and to that I am so appreciative.
Point is, I would not be who I am today without my loving father. When I was younger I never considered myself a "daddy's girl," but now as I'm older I definitely have seen that is true. I am a daddy's girl, and my dad is one of my biggest hero's on this earth, and also one of my greatest friends. I don't know what I would do without him, and I love him more than words can really describe.
Thank you dad, for being the amazing person that you are, and I hope that your father's day was most excellent, and that you enjoyed the Princess Bride bobble head I got you. Always remember how much I love and appreciate you, and the example you have been in my life.

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