I was thinking about just writing this in my spiritual journal but I think that it's an important thing for every one to read. After such an uplifting week from going to the temple to listening to/attending conference, I've felt the spirit very strongly, and my Saviors love. I was feeling shall I say fed? Spiritually fed, and I was very happy. Then yesterday as I was listening to music, a song came on that had some inappropriate words in it. As I was listening to the song I could literally feel the spirit cringe. The Holy Ghost was begging me to turn it off, and so I did. It was an awful feeling, and I could not stand it. I decided to turn on something more uplifting and listened to some church music.
It's amazing what the power of music and words can do. It can either destroy the spirit, or really bring the spirit in. Music is a great way to bare your testimony, and share it to the world. Listening to that song did not help my testimony, or my spirit, but as I listened to hymns and other songs about my Savior, I could really feel the spirit become more and more prominent within me. I feel so much happier when the spirit is with me rather than when it's not.. obviously. I think that the same is true for anyone. So I will encourage you all to try and listen to more uplifting music, to bring the spirit in. I know it may seem lame to some of you but just try it, even for a day, listen to the hymns or church related music and you will notice a significant difference in your day I promise you.
Now on a side note (haha note that's punny) I would like to add that conference was amazing, as per usual. It makes me sad though, that it seems everybody only listened to Uchtdorf's talk... don't get me wrong his talk was great, but there were so many other great talks as well! So I will quote one of the talks I enjoyed,

"You can't be right by doing wrong, and you can't do wrong by doing right." "Our Heavenly Father did not put us on earth to fail but to succeed gloriously."
Richard G. Scott

He has become one of my new favorite speakers. I love the way that he talks about his sweet departed wife. You can feel the love he has for her through his words, and it makes me melt. He is such a cute man.

My sweet husband surprised me and got me and my amazing cousin Jenessa and her husband tickets to go to the conference center for the Sunday morning session. I've never been to the conference center so it was a real treat. Going to the conference center is different than watching it on TV. The music is so powerful by the motab. They really do sound like a choir of angels. Which brings me back to my original point, music can really help bring in the spirit.
(photos stolen from Jenessa since my camera was dumb and died.)

 (aren't they cute? I really love them.)

And now to end this post I'd like to share with you something i just came across.

Isn't he adorable? I still love him. Did you see him singing at conference? Of course you did... the whole world posted that on facebook too.

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Jake & Jenessa said...

This always takes me back to when I am scared. Which is basically whenever I am home alone! So I sing church songs. And I remember when I was in Young Women's and a leader told me she decided to go running to church music instead of something else, and she felt like she could run a marathon...interesting? right?