Newly Wed Rule of Thumb

You would think after 8 months of living in my apartment I would get all my things organized. Yeah, not true. My kitchen was my biggest nightmare. The way I had originally set my cabinets up, (guess I didn't really plan it out well), was a mess. I didn't have room for anything. Plates and bowls were in separate cabinets and I only ended up using one of the cabinets so all the beautiful plates and bowls were neglected.
Not to mention my appliances (& I have many) were all over the place and I wasn't sure where to put them. I didn't like them sitting out because it looked cluttery.
Well my friends, after big effort, I have finally arranged my cabinets to work to my liking. Everything has it's own special place. Thank heavens!

Bowls & Plates:

Cups & Mugs:

& so if you are planning on being wed soon, just wed, or even just moving into a permanent place, think wisely while putting things away into your cabinets.

I'm thinking of doing more Newly Wed Rule of Thumb posts. What do you think?

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KyleeCeleste said...

I think you could help me tons if you were to do that!
I love your blog.