Forever in a day

This morning I was watching ground hog day. If you have never seen the movie a man gets stuck in the same day everyday and can't get out. It's pretty funny actually. Anyway, as I was watching I was thinking what if I had to live forever in a day? I don't think it would be so bad if it was the best day of your life. If I could choose any day to re-live in my life, it would be my wedding day. I can't remember a more perfect or magical day in my life. Marriage is so sacred, and beautiful if you let it be. I wish the world wouldn't give everyone an obscure view on marriage. It is really such a blessing to be able to be sealed to the love of your life for time and all eternity.

This is probably my favorite photograph from our wedding. It makes me laugh. 

If you could re-live any day in your life what would it be?

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Beka said...

wow there are a couple days. one would definitely be the day i danced with africans for like an hour under the hot hot sun and realized that i never wanted to go home.