Thanks Giving, Giving Thanks

Remember how I promised to post about Thanksgiving? On Thanksgiving? Yes, well as you can probably see that didn't happen. In my defense that day was very busy, and I'd rather be spending time with my family than blogging (which says a lot because I do enjoy blogging). 
I thought I'd post some photos from the wonderful day of thanks.
To start off the day we headed to the hubby's family feast, at his grandmas. I took lots of photos because I think him and his family definitely need more current photos. 
This is the hubby and his momma. They're too cute.
 I know I know, my husband has quite a beard. I can't say I'm a fan of it. In fact we're kinda in a battle about it currently. Oh well, all is fair in love and war. Still love him.
This is my husbands cute Grandma, June. She said we weren't shaking the bottle right, and so she took it and showed us how it's done. 

They set the table really pretty with gorgeous plates and silverware. I was indeed impressed. 

I personally hate cranberry sauce but my husband absolutely loves it. 

Such a sweet picture caught in the moment.

Want to know what my favorite food in the whole world is? Potatoes.

The highlight of the day was when Grandma June burnt the stuffing by putting in for too long. She actually set it on fire.... Too funny.

The Hubby and his cousin JJ, who he hasn't been able to see in a very long time. It was so sweet how excited he was to see one of his very best friends.

Gotta love sweet potatoes. These actually tasted like pancakes. It was great.

This is my beautiful mother in law, Nedra. We call her Bob, or Bobba, because when my husband was little and would get sick he couldn't say mom (stuffy nose) so Bob was born.

The beautiful dishes...
Oh, and we had someone make an announcement about be in being pregnant. She surprised everyone. 

 Right after we ate at Grandma June's we headed to my Grammy's for more food.
There's the wonderful cook herself, my grammy. No she does not look old enough to be my grandma.

 Nor does my mom look old enough to be my mom. My family has lucky genes. I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before.
This is the pie table. Can you believe how many there were? They were so good.

My husband and I getting some pictures together, because well, we love each other. 

That's my uncle Jon and Oran celebrating that the cowboys won. 

 We can be cute sometimes.
This is my cute sister and I. 

me, mom, sis.
And my grammy and I.

The best home made gluten free pies to be had. 
I hope you all had as good of a Thanksgiving as I did!
Thanksgiving is definitely a day to be thankful for family.

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