Daylight Breaks

(Note: Thanksgiving post will come later today that's a promise)

I'm late on doing this, but can we please talk about Breaking Dawn? I really absolutely loved it. Do you want to know something else? I absolutely despised/detested that entire book, but I think the movie was really well done, even with an extra dose of cheese added in there. & the soundtrack is to die for. Like really...
I saw Breaking Dawn the first time with my mom, sister, and mother in law. We went to a Breaking Dawn party and traded gifts. I got some really cute jewelry, and my mom snagged the CD. We had a blast.

I died when I heard this song in the video... It made me fall in love all over again... I love how music can do that. 

Anyway, I recommend seeing it, even if you're not into twilight (I'm not really either) but this movie was pretty dang good.


Mallory said...

it was so good wasn't it?! i loooooved it!!

Jake & Jenessa said...

Haha have you seen my post about this? its like the same but with a different song. ah we are great