Black Friday & Our first Christmas tree

The day after Thanksgiving I did indeed go black Friday shopping.  We decided to skip Walmart because it's way too crazy, and we went to Shopko. I got some great deals there, and a lot of stuff to decorate for Christmas (which is something I desperately needed.) 
After Shopko we went to Macy's which also had some great deals. I wish I would've bought more there but I was being cautious with spending money. I did however buy a ten dollar shirt that is super cozy.
We decided it was time to wake up a little bit at 4 am and went to Denny's. The food was not my favorite in the slightest (mostly cause I don't like eggs, and that's all I can eat there) but sitting down and getting some food definitely woke me up some more. After Denny's we headed to Victorias Secret. Riverwoods is the place to go, there was only five people in the store and we got all the deals. The perfume I've been dying to have was only 25 dollars. Ca-Ching!
After that we headed home. It was now 8 am, and I was beat. I went to bed hoping to get some sleep. I woke up four hours later with a massive headache and couldn't go back to sleep. Not to mention I lost my phone. I'm not really sure what I did during most of that time. I was so tired... but I know that later that day, Orange and I headed to his dads house to visit, and give him presents (his birthday was not too long ago, and he's also going to be gone during Christmas.) Then we grabbed our Christmas tree from his mom. We really wanted to make it a tradition to put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, but it was getting really late, and I still hadn't had any sleep. 
Well, being the crazy girl I am, I decided I really wanted to put it up anyway. (I'm terribly sick with Christmas fever.)
So At 1 am we started setting it up.

See how tired I am? Yikes.

The hubby putting up the star on the top of the Christmas tree.

He was pretty proud of himself.

We turned off the lights to see how pretty the tree turned out. 
& here are some of our first year ornaments:

 I loved this ribbon at the store, and wanted to wrap it around the tree,but there wasn't enough of it, so I decided to make a bow instead.
 & there you have it. Our very first Christmas tree. I'm so happy about it.

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