I'm a loser babayyy.

It's become a trend, a horrible horrible trend, that when you get married you gain weight. Every single person I know who has recently been wed has posted on their blog how they want to lose weight. (Even though they look gorgeous just as they are!) I, as well, have fallen into this trend, and I want out. I am five pounds heavier than my worst weight I ever had, which was my sophomore year in high school. Once I had lost that weight I swore I would never go back their again. Unfortunately I did, plus five. It's really depressed me, and I just can't take it any more.
It's time for a change, starting now. 
I'm going to lose all the weight I gained, and go back to that size I was last year where I was so comfortable with myself. I'm going to exercise again... Shamefully I've been really bad at it, when it used to be a daily thing for me.  Exercise give you endorphin's, and endorphin's make you happy (and happy people just don't shoot their husbands...Sorry guys couldn't help but throw legally blonde in there.) I think happy is a good thing don't you? 
So if any of you would like to join me, have support maybe while you're doing it, I suggest posting your success on your blog, like I'm going to. I'm going to track how well I'm doing and post it on here so I don't have an excuse not to do it. I don't have time for excuses any more. 
I think it would be great to give each other support in this journey, so leave helpful comments on each others blogs (for those doing it), praise for success, and motivation for the days that are hard. 
I'm actually really pumped and excited to do this. I can already feel the adrenaline running through my veins.
I would like to thank the people who have motivated me:
My cousin Meg, who is the biggest motivation to me. She almost made it on to the biggest loser, but even though she didn't she has been very involved with the show. Over the summer she got to go to their camp and work out with the contestants. Right now she is doing a blog about her weight loss journey because she was invited to go to their camp in Saint George every so often and work out. 
I suggest you follow it, she needs as many followers and support as she can get. 
Follow it now. 
And if you were wanting to get a better idea of how awesome my cousin Meg is here is her audition video for the Biggest Loser, season 8.
My cousin Jenessa, we're twins basically and got married pretty close to each other. She's been doing great at  losing weight, and if I remember correctly already lost eight pounds? Bam inspiration!  Love you girl. 

Melissa Jenkins, she just started but has been doing so good, as I've noticed through posting. She inspires me to get my butt off the couch and into the gym! Thanks Mel. 

Sky Cox has been posting about this for a long long time, and I think she's doing something that has to do with the biggest loser soon on her blog. I can't wait to see what it is honestly, because I'm so ready to have something to keep me motivated. 

My mom, is also a great motivation. She looks so good, has lost so much weight, and is super healthy. I'm quite jealous of her actually. She works really hard, and looks great. 

Alright, so it starts today. I'm going to the gym after work. Wish me luck all!


.just sky. said...

You got this girl!! Lets do this! :) :)

Jake & Jenessa said...

Your a doll! Thanks for giving me a shout out! Its been 11 lbs now! :)

Mel said...

Good for you Ash! You'll do great. If I can do it, so can you!

Meg said...

I love you SCHWEE!! Thank you for the shout out! They actually changed me to be going to Malibu California this time again.. other times I will be in St. George!!

Nessie, so proud of your success!!

Ash, Your a rock star and you should TOTALLY blog about how you are loosing Glueten free!! That is something not blogged about often!!


Batash said...

Well, my info is false... Sorry guys!! haha. Congrats Nes on 11! That's awesome! Meg, I agree that's what I was planning on doing! We'll see how it turns out, Malibu sounds freakin' awesome!
Thanks all of you for the comments and support!!!