Well, I definitely went to the gym. When I got off work, I thought about how nice it would be to just sit and relax, but I remembered that won't make me happy, and I'll be super duper up set if I don't end up going to the gym, not to mention embarrassed since I promised that I would. So I went, and today was kinda rough, but I feel so good! I'm really happy I went too. Honestly I love exercising. It's just I need the push to do it. I gotta stop being lazy. That could be the biggest challenge of all, but I'm gonna do it!
Here's to being healthy!

(notice how all my muscle is gone? :( well, I'm bringing it back.)


.just sky. said...

I went tonight too!! Where do you go? We should meet up sometime and go together! Good job girl!!

Batash said...

Thanks! We totally should! I go to Gold's Gym, but I also have a pg rec pass as well.

.just sky. said...

I go to Pg rec! Whenever you want to go Im up for it! 801-319-2270 Just text me!

The Mowers said...

You go girl!! :) Love you Ashlee!!