A time to be thankful day 1

It's November 1st! Hoorah. In celebration I'm going to post every day what I'm thankful for. If you would like to follow me in doing this I encourage you to do so. I think it is really going to help me be able to see the bright side of life. Notice the little things. I believe that's really important.
Today I am thankful for Caramel Apple Spice. The delicious drink that warms my soul. You can find it at Starbucks. We call it Christmas in a cup. It really is though.

But every time I get a caramel apple spice I can't help but think of my Diana Hiatt. She's been with me through it all folks. She and I have never had a fight (knock on wood) or been mean to each other. We love each other, even when she lives far away. She's the only person who keeps in contact with me on a regular basis. I think it was Senior year when she introduced me to caramel apple spice, just after she told Browne the scar on her leg was from a shark. 
Caramel apple spice, quickly became a bonding experience between the two of us. We had regular Starbucks runs, listened to T-swift, and talked about our love lives. That's probably exactly what we were doing a year ago from today. I miss it, but we will have them lots more. (when were both married and prego, do you remember that diana?) 

Point is, I'm thankful for these two lovely things in my life. 

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Mel said...

This is such a good idea. Chris loves that hot chocolate, I've never had it...so I'm pretty sure we'll be stopping at a Starbucks on our way home for Thanksgiving.