The queen of procrastination

If you read my blog or have read my blog, many moons ago I attended a CNA class to get a little further in my medical education. During said CNA class I met my husband, and quickly got involved in a wonderful romance which landed me engaged, and planning a wedding.
After this CNA class, which I keep mentioning, I was supposed to take the certification test from the state. Did I? No I did not. Why? My original reasoning was because I wanted to wait for Oran to submit his papers to take the test so we could go together. He never ended up doing so, and so my papers waited and waited. Let me add you have to pay 75 bucks for this test, and I already had mine done and payed for, all I had to do was take it. Once I realized Oran wasn't going to be taking the test any time soon I thought, hey maybe I should get that done while it's fresh in my brain. Then we got engaged, and I had absolutely no time to think about taking any tests. I was working all the time, and in the middle of planning a wedding. That would've been a brain overload. And thus, I waited and waited, even after we were wed I waited. Now I'm coming up to year mark of taking that class, which means my test will expire and I'll have to take that three hundred some odd dollar class again. Obviously I'm not excited about wasting money,especially money I worked hard to earn, and so I have scheduled the test for this Friday.
I'm freaking out. I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off because it's almost been a year since I took that class, and I have no idea if I'll remember anything. That means study, study, study.
I honestly feel like I'm going to hurl.
Let me tell ya, procrastination is a really bad thing. Don't do it. 

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