I don't find it wrong in any form to write about nine eleven today, along with the rest of the blogging population. Why? Because it was something that effected each and every one of our lives, even if it was in the smallest of ways. I'm sure you all remember exactly what you were doing this day  in history. If not I'm surprised. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember my mom rushing into my bedroom and waking me up, telling me to come watch the television. I saw the towers get hit, and people jumping off from the top. I watched them crash down. I felt my heart stop. I honestly thought the world was going to end. I figured by the end of the day they would've crashed into somewhere in Utah, and we'd all be dead. I remember crying. Even as a nine year old I had the strongest of feelings toward this event. How could someone do this to so many innocent people? I just didn't understand. I was forced to go to school. I didn't want to. I was really scared. All day I watched for planes flying in the sky, waiting for an attack. We lit candles that night and put them in our front room window, remembering the lives of so many that were lost that day.
That following year, leading up to the first anniversary of 9/11 I wrote a poem, and shared it with my favorite teacher. She asked if I would read it in front of the whole school in our assembly on that day. I nervously agreed. The poem went as follows:
"There was a crash, yes I know.
There was a crash that put us in sorrow.
There was a crash that bush did not know to stop.
There was a crash that made my heart drop.
There was a crash as I said
There was a crash on September the eleventh."
(Hey I was ten years old, that was the best I could do.)
After I read it in the assembly the fire men in PG took it to there fire house and hung it up. I felt really special.
I have a soft spot in my heart for this day. It wasn't something that I read about in history books, or watched history channel on, I saw it on LIVE television. As I'm sure so many of you did. This is a day in history I will never forget. I will never forget the lives that were taken, or the brave firefighters that I admire so much. I'll never forget how much closer this brought us as a nation. I couldn't be happier to live in America.
God bless America, and the families who lost loved ones on this day.

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