I'ma hobo wanna be boho?

You know what's depressing? Only having two pairs of jeans (what happened to ALL the pairs I had don't ask, because I couldn't tell ya.) and one of them gets a hole in them, the other loses its buttons. I had a little tear fest yesterday when I found this out. It's been decided that I can go jean shopping. If only jeans weren't so darn expensive. I'm also lacking in the shoe department. If I don't fix this problem soon I'm literally going to look like a hobo. My boss is all about fashion and what not, so if I walked into work looking like a hobo, I could possibly lose my job. (Ok, ok maybe not, but still.)
Obviously I'm going to need to get some new boots, because well, you can never go wrong with boots, and they are also my favorite form of footwear. I'm thinking these little beauts should do:

I'll also probably splurge a little on these baby's:

Maybe some other things as well.

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