Remembering a wonderful man

Two thousand and eleven has been a very hard year for my family and I. It's been a year of learning, a year of change, a year of trials, and a year of growing up.
Sunday morning I recieved a phone call from my mom around 1 AM. She informed me my grandpa was passing, and it wouldn't be too much longer. I immediately got out of bed, and my dad and I headed to Saint George to visit my grandpa in his final hours. The drive was hard. Both my dad and I being sleep deprived didn't help our trip. We had to stop and sleep every so often a long the way. Eventually we made it to the hospital, and went to the room which held my grandfather. Not too long after our arrival, maybe an hour or so, my father, my grandmother, and I watched my grandpa leave this world.
It was such a hard thing for me to see.  My grandpa and I always shared a special bond; Our birthday. Both of us were born on July 24 (not in the same year of course.) We did, however, always say that we were twins. We had a birthday party together every year, that our entire family attended. When I was younger I loved sharing a birthday with my grandpa. I felt so cool, being the only grandchild who was able to share a birthday with such an awesome guy. As I became a teenager, I almost resented it. I guess when you're a teenager you become selfish about, well, everything. Now, with the passing of my grandfather, I wish I had cherished every single time we shared our birthday together. I guess I never realized what a priviledge, and honor it was to share a birthday with such a great man.
He was such an inspiring man, teaching everyone he met. He had such a great sense of humor and whit about him. He spoke fluent sarcasm, which he taught to all of our family. I'll miss him always joking around, and the way he could make me laugh.
He and my grandmother had such a wonderful relationship. They always showed me a true example of love. Together over 50 years, they never once treated each other with anything but love and respect. Even as a child I always wanted a relationship like there's. He definitely passed all of his wonderful traits down to my father, and to that I am so thankful.
I will always miss him, but I know that he is always there with us, serving as our guardian angel in heaven, and preparing a place for us. If it weren't for him and my grandma, we wouldn't be an eternal family. I am so thankful for their choice to join the church, and changing all our lives forever.
Grandpa was always there for his family, rarely missing a family event. He even came to my wedding while he was so sick. I will cherish that forever.

As said in the song that my grandfather had all of his 49 grandchildren sing, (I know that my savior loves me)
"Now I am here in a beautiful place, learning the teachings of Jesus.- Wrapped in the arms of my Saviors love, I feel His gentle touch. Living each day I will follow His way, home to my father above."
I know that he spoke through that song. That's exactly where he is. In a beautiful place, wrapped in our Savior's love. That brings me so much comfort and joy. I can't wait to see him again.
Miss you grandpa.

...And this was all because two people fell in love...
11 Children, 49 Grandchildren, and 30 something great-grandchildren.


cassidy life love and laughs said...

34 great grand children that was amazing ashlee

Elder Zachary Singson said...

Totally made me cry, although I am a Schroeppel - crying is what we do. You have a beautiful way with words.
I love the photo from your wedding, with you and grandpa looking at each other. He loved all 49 of his grandkids soo much!