Fashioned old school

I have an old soul. I love anything that is vintage and always have. I realize lately it's become sort of a "trend" in the publics eye, but I can assure you this fixation happened long ago. As I planned my wedding, I didn't want to stray from my vision of having an old fashioned wedding, and so I applied it to my engagements, bridals, everything.

I made sure the locations we took the photos at were stuck in the past just like me. I practically printed my name on my engagements. I made sure to search for the perfect attire, and location. My photographer (Abby Alger) did a fantastic job at portraying exactly what I was going for.

Bridals took serious planning. The dress was found at my aunts bridal shop in Spanish Fork called Veronica Michaels. If you are ever getting married, going to prom, etc. I highly recommend checking her little shop out. For my dress I wanted all lace, since that is another thing I have an obsession with, and that's exactly what I found. I also love the Queen Ann collars on dresses, which my dress also possessed. My aunt and I collaborated, and modified the dress to our liking, adding silk where the back was open, and the band around the waist with the broach.  
For the photographs we ventured to the capitol building, for an Audrey Hepburn feel to the photographs.

Props, props, props were all I could think of when planning the bridals. In these next few photographs you will see what I mean.

The fan we found at Hobby Lobby. It was actually a piece of junk, which broke after using it, but my mom added a little bit of bling to it, to hide it's flaws. It worked extremely well in the photographs though, and was worth using.

The leopard print bench actually sits in my parents house, and we thought it would add a vintage hollywood feel. If you would like to see more with the bench visit my facebook page.

Parasols are amazing. I love how it just adds to the dress, and the theme. Everytime I see this photo I think "Singing In The Rain" which is sort of what I was going for.

This mirror my mom bought to display at the wedding. We decided to bring it along with us at the shoot, not exactly sure what we were going to do with it. Eventually we set it up like so, and this is what we got. It's definitely one of my favorite photographs because it's so unique.

The boquet was done by my grandmas dear friend and neighbor Billie Nixon. She is probably the sweetest lady on the planet, and extremely talented. I had a strange vision for my boquet, and I wanted it unique. I thought the doilie would really be something not very many people have done. I also love doilie's and it turned out beautiful against the red roses. The diamond picks my mom found and I have yet to see them in a boquet. I absolutely loved my boquet.

We got insanely lucky with the bridals because of the time of day we decided to shoot them at. Toward the end of the shoot the sun started going down, casting an amazing sunset over SLC. We were able to apply that to the photographs.

Finally the sun went down, and luckily my photographer had a great lighting system that we used to our advantage. The red hat is something my family has had for a long time. I love that red hat with a passion and even had it on a mannequin frame in my room at one point. It's really old and went with my colors so I brought it along to the shoot. I love the effect we got with the lights in the background and the red hat. It definitely came together nicely

That's the end of the professional photographs thus far.

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