On the fourth day of blog posting I wrote about food.

What you had to eat today.
This food post may be a tad different than everyone else's. As I'm sure you've heard me mention a bajillion times, I have Celiac disease. This makes eating quite difficult at times. Let me give you a crash course on the Celiac's daily eating.

I don't particularly fancy breakfast, and most of the time choose to avoid it, but I've been trying to be better lately. I don't get a choice in many cerials. We have Honey Nut Chex, which are particularly enjoyable. It's a good day if I get Chocolate Chex. Then there are the weird gluten free cerials with animals on the front of the box. Apparently my disease is helping animals in Africa, and other random places. I honestly don't care that much, and the cerial is not the best. I think I'll go with Honey Nut Chex today.
Just before I leave for work
I realized if they ended up having me work all day I wouldn't be able to eat till seven o clock. So I warmed up two gluten free chocolate chip muffins I had in my freezer. They were my last ones. It will be a while before I am able to restock my sad fridge.

(Came home early cause of the bronchitis which has attacked my body)
5 o clock
Mom brings everyone food from Wendy's. I'm only allowed their french fries. When at wendy's and ordering me french fries you must make sure that they changed their gloves before handling my french fries and that it hasn't been on anything with gluten.

7 o clock
The boyfriend cooks me dinner. Spaghetti. Mmm. The spaghetti I can have is made out of rice flower. It's actually quite enjoyable if you are able to find the right brand. With my disease it's a hit and miss. You have to try it before you can dub it good or bad, and then you have to remember specifically which ones are good and bad. I try to make a list. We have to check the back of the pasta sauce we use, and also the meat to make sure it doesn't contain any flower. Make sure the pans you're cooking everything in are completely clean before using them. If there is a chance flower touched them, you must scrub it thoroughly.

9 o clock
Rasberry ice cream to soothe my painful throat. You also have to check the back of that ice cream as well.

Today wasn't too eventful in the food department, but that is a Celiac diet for ya.

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