Day Three

Let's put it this way. I love my parents. They are my best friends; Both for different reasons.

They should seriously win cutest couple award.

First off, Father, being that he is the elder.
Although he looks particularly sinister in this picture, I will reassure you that he is not an angry person in the least. I just found this picture quite enjoyable. My father is one of the most entertaining people on planet earth. He loves making voice impressions, and quoting movies. You haven't experienced funny until you hear my dad impersonate Barney. He relishes in sarcasm, and taught all of us children the language. He served his mission in Italia, and still can speak it fluently. He is a master story taler. You can't help but listen when he tells stories. He is one of the most spiritual people I know. He takes having the priesthood very seriously, and I can't even explain how much that means to me. My dad is pretty much the best ever.
My dad as a young missionary. Dashing isn't he?

Now my mother.
This picture explains my mom to the T.
My mom is the one person I can always talk to. It doesn't matter about what. She is always there to listen. She looks like she is 25, and I'm pretty sure everyone has a crush on her. Her and I like to pretend we're sisters, and we always get away with it. She loves lipgloss and anything with bling. She loves her fashion. Everyone loves talking to my mom, because she is out going and fun to be around. She still acts like a teenager. She is the most requested sub at Grovecrest Elementary, because everyone loves her. She basically works there full time. She is one of the most forgiving people I know. She is also one of the strongest people I know. She's amazing, that basically sums it up.

I love my parents dearly and am so thankful for everything that they do for me.

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