Day five Your definition of love:
Since I was young I have written about love often. Throughout the process of growing up my opinion on love has grown stronger. Here is what I know about love.
Love essentially is something very hard to define, because it is a little different for every person. I believe that real love is the kind that makes you want to reach for more, and be more. I believe love can overcome any obstacle, because if you don't have love in your life, you don't really have anything. Now I'm not only talking about significant other kind of love. I'm talking about, perhaps, the love you have for your parents, a friend, or your siblings. As long as you have love in your life, you can make it.
I believe you cannot have love without God, because God is love.
Love is an intense feeling and hard to describe. You know that you would do anything for that person, and only want what is best for them. You hurt when they are hurt, you cry when they cry, you laugh when they laugh. In a way the person you love, becomes a part of you, like your souls have connected.
I believe love has the power to heal; the power to create miracles, and I believe anyone has the ability to love.
When you are in love you realize your heart does not belong to you any more; it belongs to that person. Which explains why it's so painful when you're without that person, because you're missing a part of you. A very crucial organ.
Love is wanting to be with that person,  not only in this life, but in the life after this. For time and all eternity. Never ever losing that person.
Love is definately worth the struggle to keep alive, because if its real the flame of your love will never die, it will only become as embers...slow burning and unquenchable.

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