Day six your day, in story form.

I woke that morning and felt like a bag of bricks had hit me in the head. I glanced at the clock and unwillingly realized I had to get up. The Bronchitis was finally settling down, but not enough to make me want to go work in the freezing cold. Sluggishly, I rose from my bed, and sauntered toward my bathroom, phone in hand. It buzzed and I looked down at it. I had recieved a text which implicated I would not have to go to work that morning and that I was on call. I did a happy dance (as best I could) and jumped back into my warm and loving bed. An hour and a half passed and I woke to my phone ringing. Silently praying it wasn't work I looked down, and realized it was non other than the worlds greatest boyfriend. I answered the phone,  and realized I didn't have much of a voice today. It was near extinction. The sweet boyfriend reassured me, told me he would be back down to take care of me later that day, and that I should get more rest.
"Rest is for shmucks," I thought stubbornly to myself, and I got up. Being entirely sick (no pun intended) of being stuck inside my house for the past week, I forced myself to get ready for the day so I could try and go somewhere. I made a bowl of warm soup and sat down on my couch with my mom watching shows about really fast and beautiful cars. (Someday, I will own a Porsche. You know... when I'm old and rich.) My phone suddenly rang again, this time it was not the sweet boyfriend, but the dreaded work call.
"I know you're sick but we really need you to come in." How am I supposed to say no?
Unhappily I put on my work clothes which I despise greatly, and drove to work. They actually really didn't need me to come in, and that put a damper on my spirits. They finally let me go after two hours. Being in the cold with Bronchitis, is not fun at all.
I got home and warmed my soul in a bath, and when I came down stairs I found the boyfriend watching football with my dad and brother. It was  non other than my families favorite team the Steelers. Who happened to win by the way. After which the boyfriend and I ventured out of the house to Best Buy, where we didn't purchase anything due to a flip of the coin, then to the Health Food's store which of course is practically where I live, and then off to Grammy's for some gluten free sandwhiches and good advice.
We drove home, and proceeded to watch Heroes, which he has now gotten me addicted to.
The boyfriend fell asleep, and he does some pretty hilarious things in his sleep. I quite enjoy talking to him while he is napping.
He then left, which is always the worst part of the night, and I went back, again, to my bed.

( I got sick of story form and did a lot more telling than showing at the end, but my day was really nothing exciting to write about.)

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