Here's to you

Considering I was supposed to write my testimony in some form on the internet today I'm going to on my loving blog. Since you here it a lot anyway.
Priesthood Power. It's a wonderful thing is it not? I've grown a very strong testimony of the priesthood especially in this past year. Being able to hold the priesthood on this earth is such a blessing to us. I wish more men would honor their priesthood. It's such an important thing to me. If you haven't caught on, I am ill a lot. That is my trial in life. That is one of the things God knew I was strong enough to bare. Being able to have a blessing, to comfort me while I'm ill or even heal me, is more than words can describe. I'm so greatful that my daddy is such an amazing man that he can hold the priesthood and give blessings. A  little fact about my dad he is one of the only priesthood holders on one of my mom's side of the family, and he is able to give all my little cousins blessings. Isn't it amazing how he can bless, literally bless, so many people, and their lives? I know that my dad has blessed mine. I look up to him so much. He is a wonderful example to me, and I hope one day my husband has the same attributes as him. All men should honor their priesthood, and know what an absolute gift it is to us.
If we're getting personal, I had a blessing tonight from my dad. It brought me so much comfort... So much peace as to the things that have been plaguing my mind. I know that God is there for me, and that He lives, and that He doesn't give us a trial we can't handle. He doesn't. We are all able to handle different things, and I find that amazing. And no matter what we're struggling with we can always have a blessing, and get the comfort in knowing God is there for us, and He looks out for us, and loves us.

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