GF oh yeah!

Another doc. Appt. Tomorrow. Does it ever end? My body doesn't think so.
On the brightside, channel 4 covered GF diets, to help make people more aware. Although I didn't like the doctor who said our diet isn't completely healthy, I still was happy they helped make it known. For that doctors info, our diet is plenty healthy. It's a lot healthier than what a lot of people do. So what? We lack fiber? We can't really help that now can we? Gr. Some docs make me mad.
Anyway. Can somebody talk some sense into my body? I don't think it needs another disease... hopefully the doctor's appt. won't tell me anything new. But random bruises and nosebleeds are kind of iffy...
... On a happier note.
My guy friends are once again the coolest. I know I praise them a lot but they really are awesome. The other night they decided to full on kidnap me. It was lovely. What would I do without them?
Also... Gluten free has a sense of humor.

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