This is Halloween this is Halloween.

I know it's a tad belated, so forgive me.
I'll be quite honest. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the Haunted Houses, scary movies, decorations, and dressing up. The dressing up part is my favorite. It's the only time of year you can dress up without looking like a looney. This year my friends and I all decided to be Harry Potter characters in light of the release of the seventh movie. As I have said in a previous post, I was Bellatrix Lestrange. The rest of my friends were also other random characters.
This year, since all our friends will be leaving on missions, we decided to throw a halloween bash, almost like our goodbye party. We had an absolute blast. We roasted smores whilst telling scary stories around the camp fire. Not to mention, we had spooky music playing in the background, so when someone would get to the climax of their spooky tale the music went with it. It was really great.
We watched scary movies, like the Grudge, and the guys nearly wet themselves. It was hilarious.
I made legitimate Halloween treats.
Spider web dip. It was quite tasty. And of course gluten free.

Hot dog mummies. Not gluten free. But they look tasty!

So I got creative this year... It's a miracle. Our party was a success, and I had a great time with great friends. Halloween was just lovely this year.
Meet the characters:
Hermoine Granger

Professor Trelawny

Luna Lovegood

Bellatrix Lestrange

Harry Potters son.

Draco Malfoy. (Hair isn't slicked:[ )

Ronald Weasley


Filthy Muggle.

Oh the evils I can do to people. Mwahaha.



Oh you know we were having a good time.

Ohhh baby.

That is all. I hope you all had a fabulously spooky Halloween!


Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

Hahaha why, oh why wasn't DJ Neville?? Diana told me how you guys used to call him that! Haha

Batash said...

Hahaha. We begged him to be! But he was lame and wouldn't. I really don't know why. We were thorougly up set when he arrived as Malfoy. Haha.