Arry Potta

Guess it's bout that time where I join every one in writing about Arry Potta. I came home from the movie that ... morning, and already saw three blogs talking about it. So I patiently waited my turn.
I waited in line for 9 hours straight. There were only 50 people ahead of me, and we actually got to sit inside thanks to our patience. It may sound horrible, but it was entirely worth it. With many snacks, and plenty of hideously/ lovely pictures to keep us busy we were fine. Toward the end we had a dance party, and told stories about boys, and switched each others phones. Don't worry it was fine.
Finally the time arrived to walk into the glorious theater to watch our movie. We got great, fantastic seats, clearly. The movie was entirely wonderful. It followed the book nicely. There were only a few parts in which I was a tad bugged. Other thant that I really recommend going to see it.
It was still day light whilst we were in line.

I lost it.

How many hours we had left

Luna Glasses!


Lovely ladies