My Kind of Perfect

There's so much stuff going on in life right now, that is trying desperately to bring me down, hurt me, and make me feel discouraged. But tonight; tonight I'm happy.
Tonight I saw beauty in things I usually don't. I loved the way the snow fell on the trees. I love being taken special places. I loved the bright lights of SLC. I loved catching snow on the tip of my tongue. I loved feeling like I belonged. I loved the sound of laughter. I loved the ice cream I ate that looked like the food they eat on Hook. I loved the ice cream fight I got in. I loved the snow balls thrown at my face. I loved the brisk air outside. I love singing in the car, not caring who hears. I love making up songs about snow plows, eskimo's, and people who have four wheel drive. I loved the way the Salt Lake City temple looked with the snow falling outside.
Tonight was just pure bliss, & I'm completely content.
It's fine. It's all going to be fine.


beka said...

Ash! You have such a positive outlook on life! Thanks for seeing the beautiful in everything! You are such a beautiful Daughter of God! I hope things get better in your life! I'll be praying for you if you need it!

Batash said...

Aw beka! you just made me smile so big! You're the sweetest girl ever! I really think we should get together one of these days.

Oran Arnaud Marc-Henri said...

I love the picture, too bad there is no snow in it... I love special moments too!