Oh, You Make Me Smile

Is it safe to say right now I'm extremely happy? If I say it is a big giant unhappy storm gonna point fingers at me and blow my way? I hope not. I don't even understand half of what I just said but that's alright.
I've suddenly become extremely optomistic, and sociable. How did this happen?
I dunno. I think someone is making me this way. Is that fair? Maybe, maybe not. I like it though.
I'm so thankful for certain things, and people happening in my life right now. That's a good thing too, sinceThanksgiving is coming around the corner. So I'll make a list of the things I am thankful for.
-caramel apple spice
-my parents
-my family in general
- my grammy for baking me gluten free goods.
- snow (yes I've hit my head)
-The temple
-warm showers&baths
-the roof over my head
-the gospel
-fuzzy blankets, I currently have 7 on my bed. It's an obsession.
-warm clothing
-fuzzy socks
-space heaters
-my car
-the ability to laugh
-the scriptures
-those who give compliments
-nice people
-Harry Potter (had to add that in of course)
-good company
-Photography & the oportunities it has given me
-God & our Savior Jesus Christ
-prayers being answered
-the people who make gluten free food, so that I am not dying of starvation.
-those who smile at others
-phone conversations that make me laugh
-certain people including:
  • Mr. Daggum
  • D-dawg
  • Kyshmee
  • Hulk smash
  • Shaggy(not the one you're thinking of)
  • Santa claus (also not the one you're thinking of)
  • Freshjessizle
  • Z-Attack
And many more...

There are certainly so many more things I am thankful for but those are just the ones off of the top of my head.
Three cheers for the new happy, thankful, optomistic attitude.

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