Una benedizione da Italia.

I know I've been horrible. I'm sorry I've failed at blogging. I meant to write this post much earlier, as in, almost a week ago, so I'm sorry. But here you go.
Monday was a rotten day for me. Full of awful tears. I really wish, sometimes, that I didn't have the ability to cry. It makes my eyes all swollen, they sting, and that makes me sleepy. Crying just makes me a lethargic warthog. (Don't ask) When I was told I had to get ready after crying my eyes out, I wasn't too thrilled. I really just wanted to curl up in a ball, and shut the world out, but tonight was a special night; one that could not be missed. Reluctantly, I got ready the best I could, and I headed out with my family up to SLC. We waited outside of temple square for our guest. I had heard so much about her, and I really was excited to meet her.
Since I know you're wondering, the 'her' I'm referring to is a lovely lady named Giovana from Italia. When my dad was on his mission he converted her, and she is quite an incredible woman. She flew down from Italy to visit my dad, and his companion.
Anywho, back to the story. My dad got out of the car first, and ran over to escort her over to us. My dad is a true gentleman. Next my mom followed. My mom had met Giovana previously on her trip to Italy with my dad 3 summers ago. They all started talking, and I felt super awkward sitting in the car with my siblings, so we got out and went to meet her. In Italy it is customary to kiss on both sides of the cheek. I think it's super classy, and I love it. This is the first time I've truly done that with someone but this is how she greeted me. She mostly speaks only Italian. I was practicing Italian all summer yet I still felt like I knew nothing when she started speaking. We took a tour of temple square, and I realized how brightly she shines with the spirit. She is a wonderful lady.
She also told me I was "Bellisimo." Very beautiful. The best. I'm smiling just thinking about how she said it. She also asked in Italian if I spoke Italian. I didn't catch on and gave her a dear in the headlights look, and replied grazie. Sometimes, I'm really stupid.
Did I mention she also has Celiac disease just like me? It was very intriguing hearing about how she cooks in Italy. (She is an amazing cook so I'm told) I don't know how she does it.
In the car ride, on our way to PF changs to eat, she looked at me and said "You will see Jesus Christ."
"Maybe." I replied and she said, "No, You will see Jesus Christ. Me? I don't know, but you, you will see Jesus Christ."
I admired her persistance on the subject. (I'm still laughing about it) I was unsure whether someone from Italy, who eats the best food everyday, would like Chinese, but it really wasn't terrible. PF Changs has a really great gluten free menu I have figured out. I definitely will have to go there again.
I really loved this family night, because it shows what my dad accomplished on his mission. How he changed this ladies life. It's amazing. Every boy really should go on a mission, because you don't know how big of an impact you will make on someones life.

I hope one day I will be able to go on a mission myself.

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