It's time for the weekend

I suppose it's time to post about my weekend, because it definitely deserves one.
This weekend I was invited on a trip with my guy friends and D-dawg, to Logan to watch an Aggies football game, and just have the joy of a road trip. Diana and I were worried about how the trip would turn out, because we weren't entirely included in all the plans. We weren't sure if we would have a place to stay, and we were completely left out of the know-how on how to buy our tickets. So we winged it. That's definitely the last time I let guys plan the trip. Anywho, we left around 11:30 pm on friday night. (Yes I'm aware it was late, but that made it even more fun)
We were all pretty crazy, and excited to get out of PG. We took really attractive pictures, and conjured up some great inside jokes.
"Op! There goes my doughnuts!"
"That was a big piece of oofie!"
"It's like screamo techno! It's a revolution in music."
"Look at that moon I just wanna tickle it! Goochie Goochie Goo!"

"I've learned that women and snakes are gonna be the death of me. Also a woman is gonna kill me with a snake."
When we reached Logan we were pretty beat, but that didn't change the fact we stayed up two hours longer.
The boys let D Dawg and I have the luxury of sleeping on a king size bed, while they slept on couches. They're real sweethearts like that.
In the morning we were awoken to screaming and a pile of boys jumping on top of us. That is definitely a new way to be woken up. We got ready and headed out to see some people we haven't seen for a while.
After purchasing some snazzy Utah State shirts for the game, we headed over to what they call "the stampede." Apparently it's a new thing up at Utah State. They get everyone out of their dorm rooms before a game and they walk down to the football field being as loud, noisy, and obnoxious as possible. I'll admit, I got a rather nasty headache from being next to people ringing bells and blow horns and drums. Not to mention, the blisters on my feet were really mean, but I survived. We finally made it to the game, and went in the stands an hour and a half early. We waited for the game to start as the sun scorched our faces, and eyes. It was unpleasant, yet we prevailed. Finally the game started, and the sun went down. It was pretty exciting to be at a football game again. I miss football. Football will always have a very special place next to my heart. Although, nothing beats Viking football games last year. Nothing. The Aggies ended up losing, which wasn't really a surprise, and we made our way back home.

The car ride home was full of great conversation, including a circle discussion on what is unapealing in the opposite sex. It was quite the treat. Diana and I have discovered we want to cover the topic on what guys should not do. Make a book out of it. I'm sure that will becoming to a post near you very shortly.
When I arrived home it was late and I was tired, but I listened to a conference talk while I cleaned up my room, and it made me so giddy. I love conference talks. The next day was sunday, and I had a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, and spiritual day. I went to my home ward to watch my sister speak in sacrament meeting for the first time. She did a wonderful job, and didn't seem nervous in the slight. She is amazing. Then a lady stood up to speak. She is new to the ward and I had never seen her in my life. She introduced herself, and went on to tell a beautiful story about her family, and all the hardships they have overcome. Her testimony was so strong, and powerful, it moved me to tears. Trust me this is a rare occasion, mostly because I hate crying in front of people. I could feel the spirit so strongly in that sacrament meeting and I absolutely lit up. I then went to our singles ward, and was pleasantly suprised to see a certain someone. I really gotta get up the nerve to talk to this boy!
Anyway, I definitely have much much more to write about but I don't want to abuse this post with too much, so until next time.

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