Texting from a few feet away? For Shame!

(title has nothing to do with post.)
The happiness continues.
Life is great. I can't believe I'm saying that, but right now I am believing that's true. I hope that feeling lasts.
Here's a smiley face just to show the extent of my happiness =].
Anyway. In case you're wondering, a boy does not have to do with this sudden happy spree. Who needs boys anyway? Psh not I! At least not now.
Friends are great. Let's just say that right now. I've gotten the best inside jokes ever, in the past week and a half. It's lovely.
"You know that girl Katy Perry, you know her?"
"You can go hunting for children."
"I got a rash from a poison gluten free tree."
"You know ZZ top and his date?"
"He called me fat!" "Unintentionally but yes I did."
"You can't say the word gluten without sounding gay."

There are so many more. I need to make a book.
Anyway, I'm going on a spur of the moment trip with the guy friends and d dawg up to Logan this weekend. It should be a blast.

"Wave o' babies."

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