Brotha from anotha motha

I love my guy friends. Let's just put it that way. They have made my life funnier than ever. Last night two of them were over till 4 am discussing their girl problems. It was probably the best thing ever. Especially when they asked for my advice on how to treat a girl. The reaction was "That's so corny!" I gave them reasons as to why 'corny' can be a very good thing when it comes to us girls. They finally decided I was right (cause I always am.) Now were hopin' this weekend one of our dear friends will become a true aggie, with his summer crush. -Insert awww here-
Not to mention, they told me I'm the perfect height and size for a girl. They're real good at bein' confidence boosters. I like them.
Tonight and tomorrow, are gonna be the best ever.

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