Full of smiles

Ok, so I know my blog posts haven't been quite happy lately. Admittedly I haven't been all that happy. I hardly see my friends, I don't go to school until next month, I still haven't got a job, and I've been feeling kind of useless.
But I've realized everything is mended by the spirit. I kid you not. On a day I was feeling kind of down, I downloaded conference talks on to my ipod. One started playing automatically, and I didn't want to turn it off. It was a talk from President Uchtdorf at the last young womens broadcast. The one about 'Happily Ever After.' Everything that was said in that talk was exactly what I needed to hear, and for the first time in a while I felt the spirit so strongly, and I just lit up. The spirit is an amazing thing. The gospel is an amazing thing, because when I actually take the time to listen to it, and feel the spirit, I automatically feel better.
Ever since I listened to that talk, I've felt my days go by a bit easier, and happier. This is the happiest I've been in a long time. It may not last, but life is feeling pretty good right now.
Lets not forget to mention last night was one of the funniest nights of my entire life, and it was because I went to stake conference.
- I basically got a marraige proposal
- We saw a man in a trench coat and cowboy hat, with a long beard at olive garden and named him ZZ top
-We quoted, and watched teen girl squad
-We laughed until we cried
-I now have the best inside jokes ever
And right now, I'm really loving life.

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